**Literary Submissions For UnSung Volume II Are Closed**

Stay tuned for a new submission period!

Submissions and any inquiries or concerns can be sent to:

Unsung Literary Magazine-Website-Submiss
Unsung Literary Magazine-Website-Submiss

Please read on for submission guidelines.


Formatting and Correspondence

If submitting poetry, multiple pieces are allowed, but please send all within the same document. 

For prose, we're looking for flash (including micro) fiction, so please limit submissions to 3000 words.


Please put SUBMISSION: [Story Title] – [Full Name] – [Word Count] in the header to help us weed out spam.

Example: SUBMISSION: [Story A] – [Jane DePerson] – [2500]  or SUBMISSION: [Various Poems] - [Jane DePerson] - [3 Poems] - [UnSung Literary Magazine]

We invite you to add a cover letter detailing your publication history (if any, non-mandatory), any relevant details, your pronouns, and what name you'd like printed.  These bios will appear before your story in the issue, but we respect your privacy, so let us know if you'd like any context to remain off the record instead. 


​Response times may range between four to eight weeks during submission periods. If you haven’t heard anything after eight weeks, please email and put QUERY: [Story Title] – [Full Name] as the subject line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Compensation and Rights

We are presently not offering compensation, but hope that this changes in the near future.


We are purchasing Non-Exclusive First World Rights to your work, meaning we are the first market in the world to feature your work, but you are allowed to submit it to a different market in the meantime, as long as Market B doesn’t want exclusivity. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your pieces are accepted elsewhere. 


If you opt to republish your work after it is published with us, we just ask that you list us accordingly!

Visual Art & Photography


Please email us up to five pieces of your best work you think would fit well with our theme.
You can email them to

Please put [ART]: [Full Name] – [UnSung] in the header to help us weed out spam.


Various artists have given way to their pens to speak their truths in this first volume of UnSung. From poems to short stories, broken up by a photo series on identity, this literary magazine aims to give space to those who are often silenced.