Not unlike most of us who attended college, my major was not directly correlated to my career. I was an English major, but I landed my way into the sexual/domestic violence and reproductive justice fields. Alas, I have found solace in weaving writing into my personal life and my "heartwork." 

I am a Black, Queer, woman named Taneasha. I live in the south, and attended a PWI (predominantly white institution.) The necessity of safe(r) space and positive representation is something I'm extremely familiar with, and something I don't take lightly. Both the importance and simultaneous lack of these spaces motivated me to create UnSung Literary Magazine. I wanted to offer a platform for folks from my community to have their work acknowledged, shared, and appreciated. Our first volume was successful, as it allowed folks to write about whatever was on their hearts, whatever let us see them.

This one is similar, in the vein of highlighting marginalized voices.


This time, however, we're looking to showcase our intersecting identities through the lens of the erotic. 

Erotica isn't new, though in some spaces still deemed "NSFW". We also see that erotica follows the pattern of every other part of our society: heteronormative, devoid of varying body types or abilities, and most often, white-washed.

We know that isn't all that's out there, so we're asking you to share.


Whether its a real, sensual retelling, or a well-crafted fantasy, we want to showcase that sexy is possible in a multitude of forms, in a multitude of ways. 


 -- Taneasha White, Founder and Lead Editor for UnSung Literary Magazine



I have always been passionate about creating spaces that are sex positive and inclusive. 

As a Black, trans-masculine person, I have never been able to hide who I am in the world. People often express displeasure about how folx like me present, love, and fuck. Within erotic literature, there is a marked mainstream absence of our queer sex stories. This is why I was excited to work on this project with Taneasha. Everyone deserves a great orgasm! We hope that this anthology will serve two purposes: create accesibility to good, queer, QTPOC centered erotica, and help our readers embrace their sexual identities in new ways. 

I want a future where intersections are celebrated and centered. The lack of representation in our media, even literature, is something that I work to combat. We seek to live full, authentic lives in this world. We are now demanding that our sexuality and sensuality be viewed as a primary element.

Bring us the words you've been scared to share.

 -- Brooke Taylor, Featured Editor for UnSung Literary Magazine Volume II

This project exists as a platform for our expression.

No one is going to silence you here.

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